The RFP Success® Company

About Us

 Who We Are

For RFP-Responses that need to capture the right attention, create an emotional connection, and build trust, The RFP Success Company is THE Consultancy & Strategic Planning Partner that delivers a recalibration of your failing systems and the tools + training to do it better, because every RFP response deserves to be loved. #StopTheRFPHate #StopTheBoring

We have over 25 years of experience in all things RFPs – from RFP development and evaluation, to response management, training, and strategy.


Lisa Rehurek, founder and CEO

Lisa ‘cut her teeth’ on RFPs in the hotel industry over 25 years ago. It wasn’t until she joined a prominent global Human Capital Consulting Firm, Mercer, that she was introduced to a whole different world of RFP responses. From state, local, and corporate RFP responses, to helping develop RFPs for government clients, to evaluating health care and human capital proposals for corporate clients, Lisa has been on both sides of the aisle which provides a unique perspective.

Lisa is also certified in numerous talent assessments through TTI Success Insights including Behaviors, Motivators, Acumen, and Emotional Quotient. Lisa and her team use these assessments to aid in team development and hiring.


Our client results speak for themselves. These are just a few of the results and are representative of what our clients experience:

  • 6 wins out of 7 bids for the year, an 86% win rate

  • First RFP win ever

  • First success in the past four years in a particular district

  • Implementing just a few tips from our free workshop led to a crucial and rare win

Industry Involvement

We love to be active in the industry on our clients’ behalf. We are continuously learning about challenges and trends in the industry. It isn’t just about our prior experience or the experience we garner with the hundreds of RFPs that we support each year. We are always actively seeking additional knowledge that can help our clients continue to grow. We do this through numerous activities, including:

  • We host a podcast called The RFP Success® Show, where we talk to industry experts, successful bidders, and supporting resources who are all relevant in the industry today;

  • We are active in the Association for Proposal Management Professionals (APMP) both locally and nationally;

  • Lisa is author of the book, The RFP Success® Book, bringing efficient and effective strategies to RFP response teams at all levels;

  • We attend reverse procurement events in order to converse with procurement officials to learn what they love, what they dislike, what their current hot buttons are;

  • We are active in the Supplier Diversity community, building connections with staff and other diverse businesses to learn of challenges and trends;

  • Involvement and training through the American Marketing Association.

Our Philosophy

It is no longer enough to compete based on knowledge and experience alone. We are now also competing for attention span. So how do you stand out?

How do you capture the attention of evaluators who have different personalities and various levels of experience, not to mention different moods on different days? Each of whom are having to read through hundreds of pages of multiple responses to their RFP. Remember, they are human too!

The RFP Success® Company wants to help you capture that attention and stand out amongst your competitors, so you make it easy on the evaluators to choose you. We want to showcase to your future client why you are the partner they should choose.

What we have learned from our experience and through continuous conversations with evaluators, procurement officials, and other RFP bidders, is that there is often a fine line between the top three candidates for a contract.

Let’s make sure you come out on top!

Here’s What Our Clients Say About Us:

I’m telling you, the tips that she’s giving you and the nuggets that you’ll get with her, take it to the bank. That’s how you’re going to be successful. I’ve been on the other side for years, and Lisa knows. You’re going to get a lot from what she’s going to share with you.
— Patricia Pyle, Manager-Supplier Diversity, Salt River Project

You have done a great job of making a topic that is so obscure accessible to everyday small business people. You are a change agent! You are leveling the playing field.
— Michael Tucker, Let’s Be Strategic

Lisa worked specifically with our proposal writers and provided excellent suggestions on how to take our proposals to the next level. For example, we worked on rewriting boilerplate language to appeal to all types of proposal evaluators and discussed how to weave in key differentiators throughout the response. From our most seasoned proposal veterans to the newest members of our team, we all learned something new! She is by far the expert in the industry with many years of real-world proposal experience. I highly recommend her and will definitely engage her again.
— Amy Schuman, Myers & Stauffer

Your insight, direction and guidance in the RFP process made the difference in my winning [a] 5 year contract! It’s a game changer for my business and I’m your biggest fan! I’ve been writing RFPs for a few years now and win very few. But now, after your consultation, I know that has changed. I’m in it to win it! Thank you.
— Sarah Hope, Vertical Identity

Lisa totally dialed in our strategy, our structure, and our narrative to really highlight our strengths for that particular client’s needs. She was an absolute differentiator in our winning 6 of 7 proposals last year and deserves massive kudos. She’s our RFP whisperer.
— Steve Schramm, Optumas