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let’s talk about the truth when it comes to rfps.

The truth is writing aN RFP for your business CAN BE scary, overwhelming, and well, intimidating.

"Is this really what to say?" "Is this really what they are looking for?”


This doesn’t mean your business can't win the business. Here at The RFP Success Company we have over 25 years of experience helping businesses just like yours win both public and private RFP bids. We know what the organization wants to see, the information they need to know, and we understand how to sell your business so you get the business.

Your insight, direction and guidance in the RFP process made the difference in my winning a 5 year contract! It’s a game changer for my business and I’m your biggest fan! I’ve been writing RFPs for a few years now and win very few. But now, after your consultation, I know that has changed. I’m in it to win it! Thank you!
— Sara Hope, Founder & CEO, Vertical Identity Background Screening & Drug Testing

Lisa Rehurek
Lisa Rehurek Train Your Team
Lisa Rehurek RFP Success Institute

LOSING AT THE RFP GAME? Take our quiz to learn what area is sabotaging your success.

TRAIN YOUR TEAM. Have your team working on the same page by having Lisa Rehurek personally train your team for RFP Success.

THE RFP SUCCESS™ BOOK. The RFP Success™ Book is written for the “newbie” to the” know it all” when it comes to submitting RFPs. Because let’s be real- you can never know enough on how to craft a successful RFP.

THE RFP SUCCESS™ INSTITUTE. Master RFPs by using the tools and techniques that have won millions of dollars in successful RFP dollars with businesses just like yours. 

Lisa understands each of the steps of the business development process how to translate those steps into successful sales cycle, and most importantly, how to transfer that knowledge to team members of all levels. She is an excellent leader, communicator and motivator and uses all three of those skills to build successful business development strategies and effective sales teams.
— Steve Schramm, Founder and Managing Director, Optumas

Lisa Rehurek


RFP's don't have to be hard, scary, or a ton of work. RFP's can be fun.  Yes, I said fun! Let us help you learn how to Do Better. Win More.


RFP Myths And truths

lisa gives you the lowdown on RFP myths, rfp truths, and how to do better, win more.