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EP049: Efficiency in Proposal Management – with Jay McConville


The beauty of collaborating in a virtual environment is that anyone on the proposal team can enter the workspace at any time and comment on or make changes to the RFP. That’s also happens to be the biggest problem—keeping track of who changed what and why and making sure we don’t lose important content along the way! So, how do we solve for version control? How do we allow everyone to contribute, yet keep editor rights in the right hands?

Jay McConville is the President and CEO of Privia, a proposal management software company that serves companies bidding on commercial, federal, state or local contracts. Privia helps proposal teams collaborate securely, boost win rates and lower costs. Jay has 20-plus years of experience in the realm of business development and proposal management, having specialized in defense manufacturing before coming to Privia in 2017.

Today, Jay joins us to discuss the top challenges facing proposal teams and explain how Privia confronts those challenges by focusing on the team’s collaborative effort rather than the document itself. He shares the software’s most lauded feature, curated commenting, describing Privia’s unique approach to version control and the virtual workspace it architects for each proposal. Listen in for Jay’s insight around the six major components of the proposal management process and learn how Privia is creating a robust, secure and accessible environment for RFP success!

Key Takeaways

  • Jay’s extensive background in bus dev + the proposal environment

  • How Privia software delivers collaborative tools for proposal teams

  • Jay’s take on the top challenges facing proposal teams

    1.      Meet strict deadlines

    2.      Appropriate use of resources

    3.      Produce quality work product

  • Why Privia focuses on the proposal team vs. the document itself

  • The concept of curated commenting with robust version control

  • The difference between proposal versus content management

  • The six main components of the proposal management process

    • Pipeline management

    • Workflow

    • Virtual workspace

    • People themselves

    • Commenting capabilities

    • Reporting capabilities

  • Privia’s efforts to create a robust, accessible environment

  • How evaluator expectations have + have not changed over time

  • How Privia supports clients in implementation, recurring training