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Posts tagged Granite Leadership Strategies
EP036: The Role of Contracts in Successful Prime + Sub Partnerships – with Marsha Lindquist

Once a prime and subcontractor have made the decision to team up on an RFP, it becomes necessary to define who’s responsible for what—in writing. And that’s where contracts come in. Listen in as Marsha Lindquist of Granite Leadership Strategies discusses the role of teaming and subcontract agreements in successful prime and sub partnerships!

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EP015: Creative Pricing Strategy for RFPs – with Marsha Lindquist

You may think that pricing your services for an RFP is a clear-cut process, but Marsha Lindquist argues that crafting a winning pricing strategy is a creative endeavor. Listen in as she explains how to get to the numbers you’re aiming for and convey a business proposition that aligns with the customer’s values!

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