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Posts tagged Lisa Rehurek
EP051: Why the Debrief Is Crucial to RFP Success – with Lisa Rehurek

If you’re looking to create a winning proposal culture in your business, the debrief provides a crucial learning opportunity. Listen in to understand the three parts of a comprehensive debrief and learn what questions to ask, who to include, and how to use the information you gather to improve your chances of RFP success!

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EP050: Crafting a Business Development Strategy for RFP Success – with Lisa Rehurek

Nailing down a solid business development strategy makes the RFP process MUCH easier and saves you A LOT of time bidding on contracts that aren’t a good fit. Listen in for insight into the four components of a well-thought-out busdev strategy and learn how it can help you win more business through RFPs!

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EP049: Efficiency in Proposal Management – with Jay McConville

The challenge of collaborating on a proposal in a virtual environment is keeping track of who changed what and why—and making sure we don’t lose important content along the way. Listen in as Jay McConville, CEO of Privia, explains how his software facilitates curated commenting and solves for version control in the RFP process!

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EP048: Creating Consistency with Visible Thread – with Fergal McGovern

What if your proposal team could save 67 hours on every RFP AND improve your win rate by 9.8%? Listen in as Fergal McGovern, CEO of Visible Thread, explains how his software solution can help you establish a single tone of voice, improve compliance and readability, and ultimately win more business with RFPs!

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EP047: Celebrating Success in the RFP Process – with Lisa Rehurek

In the stressful, deadline-driven world of RFPs, it’s crucial to infuse a little fun into the workplace. Keep morale high, and you won’t lose the people who make your team successful. But what’s the best way to keep a proposal team happy and motivated? Listen in for insight on developing a work culture that celebrates successes!

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EP042: Guiding Technical Experts to Provide Specs for an RFP – with Lisa Rehurek

It is simply not fair to expect technical experts to write an RFP response. Yes, their input is vital, but it’s up to the proposal writer to communicate the value of your team’s solution. Listen in for insight around guiding technical staff to provide the data you need in the most efficient and effective way!

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EP041: Appealing to Behavioral Styles in Your RFP Response – with Lisa Rehurek

What resonates with one evaluator may not appeal to another. So, how do you write an RFP response that caters to different personality types? Listen in for insight around the characteristics of Social Butterflies, Slow and Steadies, Straight Shooters and Statistical Personalities—and learn to write an RFP response that engages all 4 behavioral styles!

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EP040: Competing for Attention with Your RFP Response – with Lisa Rehurek

Evaluators are bored, tired and distracted. You are not just competing in terms of knowledge and expertise, you’re competing for attention span. So, how is your RFP response going to capture interest? Listen in on my top strategies for catching—and keeping—the evaluator’s attention with visual appeal, emotional connection and a conversational tone!

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EP039: Identifying Your Differentiators for the RFP – with Lisa Rehurek

What differentiates you from the competition? If your answers involve years of experience or passion for what you do, it may be time to rethink your strategy. Listen in as I share the difference between baseline expectations and true differentiators and learn how to identify and express what sets you apart in an RFP!

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EP010: The Top 5 RFP Evaluator Hot Buttons – with Lisa Rehurek

The fastest way to lose a bid is to annoy the evaluators! Today I’m discussing the Top 5 RFP Evaluator Hot Buttons, based on my informal poll of buyer pet peeves. Listen in for insight on writing for evaluators with different levels of technical knowledge and building a review period into the proposal process!

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