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EP045: Managing a Proposal Team – with Faye Farmer

Large organizations often have multiple proposal managers working across departments with many different subject matter experts. Listen in as ASU Executive Director of R&D Faye Farmer shares the ins and outs of managing a proposal team, explaining how she helps proposal managers navigate relationships with SMEs and leverage each RFP as an opportunity for growth!

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EP044: Content Strategy & Editing – with Samantha Enslen

Proposal managers are tasked with gathering the appropriate technical data from subject matter experts and then communicating that information in a clear, concise way. Listen in as Samantha Enslen of Dragonfly Editorial offers insight on developing a content strategy to ask SMEs the right questions and editing to establish a consistent voice in the RFP!

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EP038: If at First Your RFPs Don’t Succeed, Get Feedback and Try Again – with Karie Cowden

If bidding on RFPs is a business growth strategy you’re considering, know that the process is not without challenges. Listen in as Karie Cowden of Connect the Dots Promotions explains how her team suffered through the disappointment of 8 unsuccessful proposals and find out how they leveraged storytelling on #9 to get the WIN!

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EP037: Getting the Most Out of Microsoft Word for RFPs – with Jen Parkinson

If you’ve ever put together an RFP that is hundreds of pages long, you know the pain of formatting glitches, consistency issues, or losing hours of work in a crash. Listen in as Jen Parkinson of Billion Dollar Graphics shares her ninja tricks for mitigating the risks and getting the most out of Microsoft Word!

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EP015: Creative Pricing Strategy for RFPs – with Marsha Lindquist

You may think that pricing your services for an RFP is a clear-cut process, but Marsha Lindquist argues that crafting a winning pricing strategy is a creative endeavor. Listen in as she explains how to get to the numbers you’re aiming for and convey a business proposition that aligns with the customer’s values!

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