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The RFP Success® System

Going through the RFP (Request For Propsal) submittal process in a tunnel is the fast track to losing the business and your sanity. Whether you're a team of 1 or you have a handful of good-hearted employees who want to help make your next RFP a success,  without the right strategy, system, and execution- it is all a tad pointless.

We get that here at The RFP Success® Company because we understand small-teams and growing-revenue companies. We understand that your staff is working in multiple areas within your company, and having the perfect strategy for winning your next RFP probably isn’t their full time job.

That’s where we come in.

No matter what type of support you and your Company need when it comes to RFPs we've got you covered. From reviews of your current RFP proposal strategy, to reviewing past or current proposals, to a fully integrated support system, our staff is in the know about everything RFPs to help you Do Better. Win More.

“We were awarded one of the small {public schools} projects….and there was much rejoicing. It’s been 4 years since we had success with our RFQP with that district so it feels good. Thanks again for your strategizing and help!
— Kathy Ford, AIA, LEED AP BD+C, Alan Ford Architects
Lisa Rehurek

RFP Success® proposal reviews

Do Better. Win More.

Have an RFP in hand, but not sure it is up to par to get the win? Let our team review your current proposal and help you bring clarity and strength before you hit “send.”

And because we know you are on a tight deadline, we are usually able to accommodate a 48-hour turn-around period.

Reviews starting at $1,200.

Lisa expertly assisted me in ALL aspects of Proposal Development and even beyond! She dove into the “Why”, the “How” and the Realistic Value Proposition of the services that I offer. She adeptly encouraged me to speak the return on investment that my customers will see. I would highly recommend Lisa for your next Proposal review.
— Amelia Roberts, Social Media Coach
Lisa Rehurek

rfp success® audits

Do Better. Win More.

So you have submitted an RFP or two in your day, but let’s be honest: You aren’t winning a high enough percentage to make all the time, energy, and resources that pour into an RFP worth your company’s while.

Before you trash the idea of RFP submittals all together, let us audit what you have been sending out.

Many times, it isn’t one glaring error that is having you lose RFP after RFP. It’s often small, easily fixable errors that add up to making a negative impression on the review committee.

During our proposal audit we will review the last 3 RFPs you submitted, along with the scoring sheets and competitor proposals if you have them. We will analyze the seven key areas that all submission committees look at and we will give you specific and actionable steps to take your proposals up several notches!

Proposal audits start at $997.

I was working on Tempe when I went to the first RFP workshop with Lisa. Her workshop helped me change some things around, and I am sure helped me win the bid.
— Sarah Hope, Vertical Identity
RFP Success Writing

rfp success® Management

Do Better. Win More.

Want to submit an RFP but don’t have the time or manpower to do it right? Let The RFP Success® Company team do the heavy lifting for you.

From reviewing the RFP for viability - to gathering the details, formatting, communication, management, and review - we have you covered.

Lead times and price ranges vary depending upon the scope of the work.

To learn more about how our RFP team can become yours, schedule a complimentary meeting today discuss your RFP needs.

Lisa Rehurek

rfp success® team training

Do Better. Win More.

You have the RFP team, but they aren’t all on the same page or don’t have the skills they need? We can help.

From teaching your team how to write, manage, prepare, and review a successful RFP for your company, to helping the team work better together - let our founder and CEO, Lisa Rehurek, personally train and develop your RFP team for RFP Success®.

Training and development sessions can occur onsite or online and can vary from one-day intensives to ongoing White labeled programs for continuous support.

Ready to get your team in shape and improve your RFP win rate? Schedule time below to chat with our Training team coordinator about how we can be the RFP Success® solutions your company needs.

Strategic Planning.jpg


Do Better. Win More.

It all starts with having the right strategy. If you don’t have the Business Development strategy to support your ongoing RFP efforts, you’ll end up with more checkmarks in the loss column than in the win column.

You will work personally with our founder and CEO, Lisa Rehurek, to develop an RFP strategy that sets you up for ongoing success.

Now we can’t guarantee you that you will win the business, but we can guarantee you that will have clear RFP and business strategy as well as systems in place to make the RFP process more effective. (And we really think you will get the business- we just can’t guarantee it.)

Ready to get your strategy on and your win rate up? Schedule time below to chat with our team about how we can be the RFP Success® solution to help your company thrive!

Process Audits.jpg


Do Better. Win More.

Is your process a hot mess? Are you missing requirements or opportunities, missing deadlines, burning out the team (or yourself!), reinventing the wheel?

Let our team of process experts review your process and make recommendations to help you streamline for more efficiency, which will lead to more effectiveness in your submittals!

Process Audits start at $997.