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Episode 006: A Collaborative Approach to the RFP Process – with Robin Merritt of Axsium Group


How do you work together to write an RFP—AND achieve a consistent tone that makes your submission easy to read? And is there value in meeting regularly as part of this collaborative approach?

Robin Merritt is the Senior Vice President of Global Strategy for Axsium Group, a global strategic consulting practice that helps organizations with the full spectrum of workforce management-related needs. Robin has 25-plus years of workforce management experience, and she has an extensive background in both helping clients create RFPs and winning business through the RFP process.

Today, Robin joins me to explain the importance of writing RFPs with the reader in mind, customizing your RFP to explain why they should hire you. She offers insight around her success with RFPs, discussing the value of using an assessment tool and writing in a consistent tone. I ask Robin about her collective approach to writing RFPs, and she describes the benefit of jumping on calls together to edit in real time. Listen in for Robin’s advice on selling yourself as the answer to a specific problem and taking FULL advantage of open Q&A to set yourself apart from the competition!


Key Takeaways

  • Robin’s background in manufacturing and retail consulting

  • The importance of writing RFPs with the reader in mind

  • How to ensure that your RFP has a consistent tone

  • Robin’s insight on building an assessment tool based on strategy

  • The challenge around passing up an RFP for the first time

  • Robin’s collective approach to writing RFPs

  • How Robin’s team saves time by editing RFPs on short calls

  • Robin’s advice around selling yourself as the answer to a problem

  • Why the company soliciting RFPs must be clear in their purpose

  • How to take full advantage of open Q&A