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EP047: Celebrating Success in the RFP Process – with Lisa Rehurek

In the stressful, deadline-driven world of RFPs, it’s crucial to infuse a little fun into the workplace. Keep morale high, and you won’t lose the people who make your team successful. But what’s the best way to keep a proposal team happy and motivated? Listen in for insight on developing a work culture that celebrates successes!

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EP028: Liberate Your Inner Writer & Start the RFP Process – with Sandra Younger of ComeBACK Solutions

What is the most frustrating aspect of writing an RFP? For many, the most difficult part of the process is simply getting started. Listen in as bestselling author Sandra Younger explains how to take the pressure off, liberate your inner writer, and set up a writing protocol that works for you!

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EP019: Making the RFP Process Easier & More Efficient – with Josie Fey of RFPIO

What makes the process of responding to an RFP so difficult? Typically, businesses struggle with keeping everyone on the same page. Are we all looking at the same version? Using the same voice? Formatting the document in the same way? Listen in as Lisa Fey of explains how RFPio makes it easier to collaborate!

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EP017: Navigating Conflict with Your Partners in the RFP Process – with Lesli Pintor

A failure to communicate is the #1 source of conflict in the work environment. So, how do we learn to speak the same language as our partners in the RFP process? Listen in as business communications expert Lesli Pintor explains how to deal with difficult colleagues and navigate conflict within your team.

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