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EP017: Navigating Conflict with Your Partners in the RFP Process – with Lesli Pintor


What is the #1 source of conflict in the work environment? More often than not, a failure to communicate is at the root of the problem. So, how do we learn to speak the same language as our partners in the RFP process? What can we do up front to prevent tension later on? And how do we address conflict before it derails our progress as a team?

Lesli Pintor is a lecturer in the realm of business communications for the University of Arizona’s Eller College of Management and a Leadership Challenge Certified Facilitator. An expert in communication styles, Lesli is certified in both the DiSC Assessment and 12 Driving Forces methodologies. Prior to her work in business communications and consulting, Lesli spent three decades in the banking industry where she served as a commercial real estate and business lender.

Today, Lesli sits down with us to offer insight around the relationship between communication and conflict in the workplace. She discusses the value in understanding your own communication style and the danger in assuming that your teammates work the same way you do. Lesli also describes how doing a little work up front to establish a Team Charter can help you understand each other’s strengths and orient around a common goal. Listen in for Lesli’s advice on dealing with difficult colleagues and learn how to navigate conflict within your RFP team!



Key Takeaways

  • Lesli’s 30-plus years of experience in banking as a commercial lender

  • How a lack of communication causes conflict in the work environment

  • The value in understanding your team members’ communication styles

  • Lesli’s advice around listening to understand vs. listening to respond

  • The danger in assuming that everyone works in the same way you do

  • How a Team Charter helps people orient around a common goal

  • Lesli’s insight on sticking to business with team members you dislike

  • How to deal with the team’s STORM stage sooner rather than later

  • The benefit of owning your part of the conflict or disagreement

  • How to understand each teammate’s definition of success

  • Lesli’s tips for dealing with a combative teammate

    • Do they understand the big picture?

    • Are they in the right role?

    • Do you need to involve a mediator?

  • The changing landscape of individual/team performance reviews

    • Lesli’s guidance for dealing with conflict in the work environment

    • Take deep breaths

      Consider own role

    • Have the conversation

      Keep it strictly business