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EP016: Designing an RFP Process Flow – with Erin Mathie


Raise your hand if you’re interested in being more organized and efficient! If RFPs drive sales for your business, then you know that developing a consistent process will save you time and trouble in the long run. But is there an easy way to design a system one time—and then leverage software to apply that process every time an RFP comes through the door?

Erin Mathie is the founder of Business Made Simple, a firm that specializes in process consulting and business systems. A serial entrepreneur and self-proclaimed systems nerd, Erin is passionate about helping business owners create the structure they need to grow. She is also an Insightly Hero, having set up and customized the Insightly CRM for hundreds of businesses all over the world.

Today, Erin joins us to share the ins and outs of Insightly, explaining how the software can be used to track your customer database and manage tasks and projects. She describes how to create an RFP process flow on Insightly and how the software can auto-populate the task manager for every new RFP. Erin also discusses Insightly’s ability to track your close ratio and referral sources—and even generate custom reports. Listen in for Erin’s advice around building relationships with the help of a CRM and learn how Insightly can help you develop a consistent process for RFPs!


Key Takeaways

  • Erin’s background as a serial entrepreneur and systems nerd

  • The fundamentals of a Customer Relationship Manager

  • What Insightly can do for your business

    • Track customer and lead database

    • Task, sales and project management

  • How to create an RFP process flow on Insightly

  • The value in developing a consistent process for RFPs

  • How Insightly auto-populates the task manager for each RFP

  • Insightly’s ability to set up custom fields and track your close ratio

  • Erin’s advice to start simple and add features to the CRM over time

  • How to categorize your contacts and link them to organizations

  • How to use Insightly to track your referral sources

  • Insightly’s capacity to attach emails to contacts and organizations

  • Erin’s top tip around recording quality data points for reports

  • Why Erin prefers Insightly to other CRMs on the market