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EP019: Making the RFP Process Easier & More Efficient – with Josie Fey of RFPIO


What makes the process of responding to a request for proposal so difficult? Typically, businesses struggle with keeping everyone on the same page. Are we all looking at the same version of the RFP? Using the same voice? Formatting the document in the same way? It IS challenging to have multiple team members working on the same bid, but the RFPIO software solution makes the process much easier and more efficient.

Josie Fey is the Communications Manager at RFPIO, a revolutionary proposal management software company out of Beaverton, Oregon. The RFPIO technology enhances collaboration and fosters a truly efficient response process. Built by a team that knows RFPs, RFPIO’s intuitive solution is trusted by companies like LinkedIn, Adobe and Zoom, among many others. In her role, Josie handles marketing, public relations and internal communication for the organization.

Today, Josie joins us to explain how RFPIO serves as a collaboration hub and content repository, allowing users to import information and apply branded templates specific to their business. She discusses what differentiates RFPIO from its competitors in terms of technology, customer support and pricing, and how the company applies user feedback to improve the software. Josie also addresses the hands-on nature of the RFPIO onboarding process, describing how their team helps users populate their database and work through a project together. Listen in for the case study of an RFPIO client who reports a 2,000% ROI after six months of using the software and learn how RFPIO can save you time and help you make more money!


Key Takeaways

  • Josie’s role as Communications Manager with RFPIO

  • How RFPIO serves as a collaboration hub/content repository

  • How the RFPIO software allows users to import information

  • What differentiates RFPIO from its competitors

    • Technology

    • Customer support

    • Pricing model

      How RFPIO uses AI to provide a recommendation engine

  • How RFPIO iterates based on feedback from clients

  • The people-centric value system at RFPIO

  • How RFPIO users can apply style guides/branded templates

  • RFPIO’s benefits in terms of communication and time saved

  • The hands-on nature of the RFPIO onboarding process

  • The case study of RFPIO client MasterControl

    • 40% time savings

    • 2,000% ROI

  • How RFPIO allows users to be more competitive and strategic