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EP020: 4 RFP Tips for Defending Your Contract – with Lisa Rehurek


If you are the incumbent in a bidding process, that contract is yours to lose. But how do you leverage your relationship with that client in the RFP to get that bid back? How do you remind them of the benefits of your partnership? How do you defend your own contract and win that client’s business once again?

Today, I’m sharing my top four tips for defending your contract as an incumbent. I discuss the necessity of bidding on what they’re asking for in the RFP versus what you’ve been doing and the value in reminding the client what it’s like to work with you.

I also address how to be personable in the RFP as an incumbent rather than acting like you don’t know each other. Listen in for insight around tracking your successes from Day 1 and learn how to share those wins in the RFP and get that bid back!

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Key Takeaways

  • My top four tips defending your contract as an incumbent

    • Stay on scope within the RFP

    • Remind them what it’s like to work with you

    • Don’t act like you don’t know them

    • Track and share successes

  • The danger of scope creep when you rebid on a contract

  • How to be more personable in the RFP as an incumbent

  • My strategy for tracking successes to leverage in a rebid

  • How to approach sharing successes in the text of an RFP

  • How to leverage your incumbent status to get a bid back