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EP023: Influencing Up to Deliver Successful RFPs – with Donna Warrick of Jamesson Solutions


So, you’re responsible for putting together an RFP, and some of your team members happen to be a level or two above you in the chain of command. How do you get what you need from those colleagues? How do you adapt your approach to make them more receptive? How do you INFLUENCE UP to deliver the best possible bid for your organization?

Donna Warrick is the President of Jamesson Solutions, a leadership development, talent management and selection firm out of Greensboro, North Carolina. With more than 20 years of experience in training and professional development, Donna leverages her expertise in customer service, conflict management and leadership coaching to support clients across many sectors, including manufacturing, financial services, property management and biotechnology.

Today, Donna joins us to offer practical strategies around influencing up. She explains the importance of recognizing and adapting your influencing style to the people you work with in the RFP process, describing how to demonstrate assertiveness when it doesn’t come naturally to you. Donna walks us through the five influencing styles, offering insight on how to recognize a colleague’s style by the language they use. Listen in to understand the distinction between influence and control—and learn how operating from a growth mindset contributes to business success!


Key Takeaways

  • Jamesson Solution’s expertise in leadership development

  • The concept of influencing up through the RFP process

  • The importance of understanding influencing styles

  • How to adapt your influencing style to the situation

  • How to demonstrate assertiveness if it’s not your nature

  • Why assertive influencers appreciate debate/push back

  • The positive impact of adapting your influencing style

  • The 5 different influencing styles

    • Assertive

    • Inspiring

    • Rationalizing

    • Negotiating

    • Bridging

  • How to recognize influencing styles by way of language

  • The distinction between control and influence

  • The characteristic of operating above and below the line

  • Why the human brain is wired to operate below the line

  • Donna’s insight around operating out of fear or love

  • The link between business success and growth mindset