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EP034: 5 Ways to Avoid BORING in a Technical RFP Response – with Lisa Rehurek


So, you’re responding to an RFP to fill a highly technical role in the realm of biometrics authentication, for example. Yes, you want to be professional and demonstrate your knowledge and abilities. At the same time, you recognize that a human being will be tasked with reading your response. And if you throw them into a coma of boredom with a tedious narrative of ‘hand geometry’ and ‘iris recognition,’ your chances of winning the bid are remote. How, then, do you communicate the necessary technical details in a way that keeps readers engaged?

Today, I’m sharing five ways to avoid the BORING we associate with a technical RFP response. I offer two strategies for writing in a way that is conversational and lends authenticity to your technical answers. I explain how to identify common ground with a potential client and leverage shared values to form a connection with the reader.

I also cover the value of visual interest in engaging readers and the power of storytelling to help evaluators visualize the details of a case study. Listen in for insight on using relatable metaphors to express complex technical ideas and learn to write an RFP that does NOT bore your readers but keeps them interested and elevates YOU to RFP success!

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Key Takeaways

  • The 5 ways to avoid BORING in technical RFP responses

    1.      Be conversational

    2.      Find common ground

    3.      Include visuals

    4.      Add stories

    5.      Use metaphors

  • How talking through your answers lends authenticity

  • How common mission + values increases investment

  • The value of visuals + visual appeal in engaging readers

  • How to enhance a case study with humanizing details

  • How metaphors help readers relate to complex ideas