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EP033: Increase Your Influence & Deliver a Winning Finalist Presentation – with Dr. Sharon Lamm-Hartman of Inside Out Learning


If you’ve written an effective RFP, the next step in winning business is to deliver a successful finalist presentation. So, how do you connect with an audience in person, conveying both your technical skill AND relatability? Can you develop qualities of executive presence like warmth and confidence, even if they don’t come naturally? What can you do to increase your influence and deliver a winning presentation?

Dr. Sharon Lamm-Hartman is the founder and CEO of Inside Out Learning, an award-winning consulting firm dedicated to transforming individuals, teams, and companies, helping them become better than their past best. With more than 25 years of experience in leadership, team and organizational development, Sharon supports her clients in improving organizational health and winning billions in new business.

Today, Sharon joins us to explain how to carry out a successful finalist presentation. She shares the HORSE formula for developing the body of your presentation and discusses the qualities of executive presence your audience is looking for. Sharon speaks to the significance of knowing your audience and offers advice on creating clear, concise visuals that enhance your presentation. Listen in for insight around increasing your influence and learn Sharon’s proven formula for presentation success!


Key Takeaways

  • Inside Out’s mission to help leaders show up as their authentic selves

  • Sharon’s formula for presentation success

    1.      Tailor message to audience

    2.      Attention-getting opening

    3.      Provide executive summary

  • Why it’s crucial to provide your audience with an agenda to follow

  • The HORSE formula for developing the body of your presentation

  • Sharon’s insight on developing the qualities of executive presence

  • The importance of presence in landing a job or contract

  • How to adapt to where your audience is/where they want to go

  • Who should be part of the live presentation

  • The mistake people make around not knowing their audience

  • Sharon’s tips for nailing your finalist presentation

    • Assess environment ahead of time

    • Be aware of body language

    • Be careful of filler words

  • How to increase your influence with meaningful personal stories

  • Sharon’s 5X5 rule for creating clear and concise visuals