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EP039: Identifying Your Differentiators for the RFP – with Lisa Rehurek

What differentiates you from the competition? If your answers involve years of experience or passion for what you do, it may be time to rethink your strategy. Listen in as I share the difference between baseline expectations and true differentiators and learn how to identify and express what sets you apart in an RFP!

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EP033: Increase Your Influence & Deliver a Winning Finalist Presentation – with Dr. Sharon Lamm-Hartman of Inside Out Learning

If you’ve written an effective RFP, the next step in winning business is to deliver a successful finalist presentation. But how do you convey both technical skill AND relatability? Listen in as Dr. Sharon Lamm-Hartman offers insight on increasing your influence with an audience and shares her proven formula for presentation success!

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EP032: Creating Bid-Winning Proposal Graphics – with Mike Parkinson of 24 Hour Company

What is the #1 mistake proposal writers make when incorporating graphics in the RFP? According to visual communication expert Mike Parkinson, we fall short in crafting a clear message BEFORE we start work on the images. Listen in as he explains how to create bid-winning proposal graphics that look professional AND deliver powerful content!

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EP013: Efficiencies with Managing Resumes and Case Studies – with Erling Linde

How much time do you spend digging through Word documents to find the right resume for a particular RFP? How about the time spent copying and pasting case studies or reformatting resumes to fulfill the requirements of a certain proposal? Listen in as Erling Linde discusses how CV Partner can help you streamline the process!

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EP011: Contracting with the Federal Government – with Chantel Gibbons

We’d all like to win federal contracts, but the registration process is complex and the regulations many. Listen in as Chantel Gibbons breaks down the federal acquisitions process, explaining how to determine whether your small business offers a product or service the government needs and how to identify federal opportunities in your area!

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