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EP013: Efficiencies with Managing Resumes and Case Studies – with Erling Linde


How much time do you spend digging through Word documents to find the right version of a resume for a particular RFP? How about the time spent copying and pasting case studies or reformatting resumes to fulfill the requirements of a certain proposal?

Would you like to cut that time in half?

Erling Linde is the founder and CEO of CV Partner, a software platform that streamlines the way you manage resumes and case studies for bids and proposals. Erling began his career as an IT consultant and developer, working with firms in both Norway and the UK. He identified a need for improved efficiency in the process of preparing RFPs—and the startup CV Partner was born.

Today, Erling explains the value of his service over Word documents, discussing how the software allows you to incorporate your own templates and tailor resumes to a particular opportunity. He describes how case studies and resumes work together in their system, allowing project managers to update multiple employee resumes with consistent project descriptions. Erling also addresses CV Partner’s ability to facilitate collaborations with subcontractors and function as a searchable skills database. Listen in for Erling’s insight on getting the best value out of the system and learn how his clients are saving up to 50% of the time previously spent compiling resumes and case studies for RFPs!


Key Takeaways

  • How CV Partner streamlines how you work with resumes/case studies

  • How Erling’s background in IT consulting led him to found CV Partner

  • The advantages of the CV Partner system over Word documents

  • How you can tailor a resume to the opportunity

  • How CV Partner incorporates your templates into their system

  • CV Partner’s ability to store multiple resumes for each employee

  • How case studies and resumes interact in the CV Partner system

  • How a project manager can update resumes with project descriptions

  • How a company with as few as 5 employees can benefit from CV Partner

  • CV Partner’s ability to facilitate collaborations with subcontractors

  • How CV Partner also functions as a searchable skills database

  • Why Erling invests his time in onboarding new clients

  • Erling’s advice around incorporating the CV Partner system

    • Useful to start as pilot project

    • Then roll out to rest of organization

  • How CV Partner can help you build a business case for use of their system employees based on demand