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EP014:5 RFP Success Strategies to Prove You Want the Business – with Lisa Rehurek


To win business with an RFP, you have to do more than just show the client that you can do the job. You need to show them that you’re the premiere choice. But how do you go about proving that you really want the work without coming across as desperate or manipulative?

Today, I’m offering my top five strategies for demonstrating your greatness through the RFP. I explain the value in asking powerful questions that make the potential client think, especially when you’re up against an incumbent. I also discuss the benefit of showcasing your differentiators in relation to the client’s needs.

I address how to find common ground with clients and demonstrate why you’re the best fit for a collaboration—with regard to mission-alignment or values. Listen in for insight on maintaining business as an incumbent, reminding the client why your partnership works and supporting that claim with appropriate evidence!

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Key Takeaways

  • The value in explaining why you’re the premiere choice

  • How to avoid coming across as desperate or manipulative

  • Why an incumbent should do regular client satisfaction surveys

  • My top five tips for proving that you really want the business

    • Ask powerful questions that make them think

    • Know and showcase your differentiators

    • Remind them why your partnership works

    • Give reasons why you’re the best fit

    • Tell them why you want to work with them

  • Why throwing a competitor under the bus shows self-doubt

  • How to show your differentiators in relation to client needs

  • How to find common ground around mission alignment/values

  • Why incumbents need to track customer satisfaction, outcomes