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EP031: 5 Strategies for Building Trust in a Written Document – with Lisa Rehurek


We do business with people we know, like and trust. But how do you build trust with a potential client through the RFP? Yes, it’s easy to connect with people in person, but how do you cultivate rapport in a written document?

Today, I’m sharing my top five strategies for building trust on paper. I discuss the danger in lying or exaggerating your abilities and the immense value in coming across as your authentic self. I explain how storytelling puts a human spin on traditional case studies and offer insight around substantiating any claims you make in the RFP.

I also speak to the significance of providing solid references, describing why we tend to trust the companies that fix their mistakes over those that sweep missteps under the rug. Listen in to understand the importance of building a multidimensional culture around responding to RFPs and building trust both before the RFP hits the streets—and through the proposal itself!

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Key Takeaways

  • The 5 obstacles to making a sale

    1.      No need

    2.      No money

    3.      No hurry

    4.      No desire

    5.      No trust

  • The power in building relationships before an RFP hits the streets

  • 5 strategies for building trust in a written document

    1.      Do not lie or exaggerate

    2.      Be authentic

    3.      Tell stories

    4.      Substantiate claims

    5.      Provide solid references

  • My method of leveraging dictation to sound more authentic

  • How storytelling puts a human spin on traditional case studies

  • How people tend to trust companies that fix their mistakes

  • Why it’s necessary to build a culture around responding to RFPs