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EP040: Competing for Attention with Your RFP Response – with Lisa Rehurek


Let’s face it: Evaluators are bored. They’re tired. They’re busy and distracted. So, how is your RFP response going to capture their interest? The fact is, you are not just competing in terms of knowledge and skill, you’re competing for attention span. What can you do to stand out?

Today on the podcast, I’m sharing my top strategies for grabbing—and keeping—the evaluator’s attention in an RFP. I explain how to make a good first impression with a clean proposal and why it’s helpful to break up text with white space, bullet points, tables and checklists. I also discuss the mistakes people make in creating graphics, offering insight on simplifying visuals and choosing information that’s truly important.

I go on to cover the value of establishing an emotional connection, describing how that builds trust with evaluators and increases your chances of winning business. Listen in to understand how a conversational tone can capture attention and learn how to keep an evaluator interested by targeting their head AND heart in your RFP response!

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Key Takeaways

  • How much time you have to grab the evaluator’s attention

  • My top strategies for capturing attention through the RFP

    1.      Clean visuals

    2.      Storytelling

    3.      Conversational response

  • How to make a good first impression with a clean proposal

  • The value in breaking up text with white space, tables, etc.

  • The top mistakes people making in proposal graphics

    1.      Info in graphic not important to evaluator

    2.      Too much info presented in single graphic

  • Why it’s crucial to create an emotional connection in RFPs

  • How to capture a conversational tone through dictation