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EP041: Appealing to Behavioral Styles in Your RFP Response – with Lisa Rehurek


What resonates with one evaluator may not appeal to another. Some are skimmers, while others read every word. Some make decisions based on emotion, while others leverage logic. Some are engaged by story, while others are more interested in data. So, how in the world do you write an RFP response that caters to all four behavioral styles? How do you engage ALL the evaluators and win more business?

Today on the podcast, I’m sharing the four behavioral styles and discussing how to garner the attention of each in an RFP response. I share the characteristics of the Social Butterfly and the Slow and Steady types, explaining how both make decisions based on emotion but differ in terms of patience, focus, and willingness to change.

I also address what differentiates the Straight Shooter and Statistical Personality, exploring how the former is accomplishment-driven and focused on efficiency, while the latter makes decisions using data and analysis. Listen in for insight around capturing the attention of a diverse group of evaluators and learn to tier your answers to appeal to all four behavioral styles in an RFP response!

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Competing for Attention on RFP Success Show EP040

The RFP Success Book by Lisa Rehurek

Key Takeaways

  • The 4 different types of behavioral styles

    1.      Social Butterfly

    2.      Slow and Steady

    3.      Straight Shooter

    4.      Statistical

  • The characteristics of a Social Butterfly

    • Love people and make decisions with emotion

    • Skimmers (keep focus with graphics, bullet points)

  • The characteristics of a Slow and Steady

    • Process-oriented and like comfort zone

    • Patient, dedicated to evaluation criteria

  • The characteristics of a Straight Shooter

    • Accomplishment-driven, need proof for claims

    • Don’t like to waste time and prefer efficiency

  • The characteristics of a Statistical Personality

    • Data-driven and analytical

    • Averse to too much fluff

  • How to tier your answers to appeal to diverse behavioral styles