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EP042: Guiding Technical Experts to Provide Specs for an RFP – with Lisa Rehurek


It is simply not fair to expect technical experts to write an RFP response. Yes, you will need their input as you gather information for a given proposal, but it’s your role as the writer to craft the narrative and communicate the value of your team’s solution. So, what can you do to steer the technical experts in the right direction, guiding them to provide the data you need in the most efficient and effective way?

Today on the podcast, I’m explaining how to guide the information you get from technical experts for an RFP response. I address why it’s unfair to expect technical staff to write the proposal you’re going to submit and break down the role of technical experts in providing the HOW and the WHAT of your proposal.

I also describe the role of the proposal writer in compiling the data from technical experts and articulating the value of the solution through the RFP response. Listen in for insight around using tables and writing prompts to gather the information you need and learn how doing the heavy lifting on the front end improves the RFP process!

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Key Takeaways

  • Why you can’t turn technical staff into proposal writers

  • The technical expert’s role in providing the WHAT and the HOW

  • How the proposal writer articulates the value of your solution

  • How to guide the information you get from technical experts

  • The value in using the table format to gather specific data

  • The 4 prompts for technical experts re: narrative questions

    1.      What is the short answer?

    2.      Why does it matter?

    3.      How is our solution different/better? What’s the proof?

    4.      What’s the process for making that happen?

  • How heavy lifting on the front end improves the RFP process