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EP057: Proposal Team Roles Defined – with Lisa Rehurek


I see a lot of small businesses make the mistake of assigning one person to the production of an RFP response. The problem is, if you’re the only one working on a proposal, it’s hard to see the forest for the trees. You’re too imbedded in the details to think strategically. So, how many people do you need on a proposal team? What are the key roles you need to fill? And what is each team member responsible for?

On this episode of the RFP Success Show, I’m defining the four key roles on a proposal team. I discuss the responsibilities of the Executive Sponsor, explaining how they function as the owner of the response, and describe the role of the Response Manager in driving assignments and keeping the team on track.

I also weigh in on why your writers should not take on any other duties and speak to the crucial role of the Administrative Assistant, offering insight into the 30 minutes per page standard for editing an RFP. Listen in to understand the value of establishing clearly defined roles on a proposal team and learn what jobs you CAN and CANNOT outsource!

Key Takeaways

  • The 4 key roles on a proposal team

    1.      Executive Sponsor

    2.      Response Manager

    3.      Writer(s)

    4.      Administrative Assistant/Editor

  • The responsibilities of the Executive Sponsor

    • Set and share strategy

    • Gain commitment of team

    • Strategic peer review

  • The responsibilities of the Response Manager

    • Create template and calendar

    • Drive assignments + meetings

      ·        Keep team on track

  • How a lead writer gives the RFP one voice

    • The responsibilities of the Editor

    • Formatting, verify requirements

    • Editorial peer review

    • Oversee production + delivery

  • Why the editor needs 30 minutes per page

  • Additional roles on a proposal team

  • What roles you CAN and CANNOT outsource

  • How to view outsourcing as an investment