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Posts tagged RFP process
EP048: Creating Consistency with Visible Thread – with Fergal McGovern

What if your proposal team could save 67 hours on every RFP AND improve your win rate by 9.8%? Listen in as Fergal McGovern, CEO of Visible Thread, explains how his software solution can help you establish a single tone of voice, improve compliance and readability, and ultimately win more business with RFPs!

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EP036: The Role of Contracts in Successful Prime + Sub Partnerships – with Marsha Lindquist

Once a prime and subcontractor have made the decision to team up on an RFP, it becomes necessary to define who’s responsible for what—in writing. And that’s where contracts come in. Listen in as Marsha Lindquist of Granite Leadership Strategies discusses the role of teaming and subcontract agreements in successful prime and sub partnerships!

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EP022: Visual Storytelling with Graphics in Your RFPs – with Richard Goring of BrightCarbon

Are you guilty of adding graphics to your RFPs as an afterthought? Listen in as Richard Goring of BrightCarbon explains how to use visual storytelling techniques to convey complex information in an elegant way that is more engaging, more memorable, and easier to understand than a tedious wall of text!

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EP012: Leveraging Your Brand Energy in the RFP Process – with Arlene S Pedersen

Quality branding gives a small business instant credibility. But how does that translate to the way you present yourself in an RFP? Listen in as Arlene Pedersen explains how to craft a polished proposal that engages readers, articulates your accomplishments, and communicates the energy of your business and its culture!

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