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EP054: Adopting Color Team Reviews for Better RFPs – with Lisa Rehurek


Large proposal teams working in the federal space leverage color reviews to produce first-rate RFPs. The process ensures that all requirements are met and that an appropriate story is told throughout the response. So, how might an understanding of this process help smaller teams write better proposals? And how might you adapt parts of this process to win more business with RFPs?

On this episode of the podcast, I’m walking you through the six color reviews used by large teams bidding on federal contracts. I discuss the Blue Team’s role in creating a template and assigning each section of the proposal and describe how the Pink Team performs the bulk of the writing. I go on to explain how the Red Team reads for compliance and clarity, while the Green Team provides pricing information.

Finally, I share why an authority in the company should be involved in Gold Team and how the White Team does a page-by-page visual review of the document. Listen in for insight around assigning the right team members to each step in the RFP process and learn how to leverage color teams to produce winning proposals!

Key Takeaways

  • How small proposal teams can adapt the color review process

  • The value in assigning the right team members to each step

  • The 6 color review teams in the federal proposal process

    1.      Blue Team—provides outline + makes assignments

    2.      Pink Team—creates content for each section

    3.      Red Team—objective review for compliance, clarity

    4.      Green Team—pricing info

    5.      Gold Team—authority reviews for company rep

    6.      White Team—page-by-page visual review of doc

  • How SMEs might collaborate with writers in Pink Team

  • Why someone NOT involved in writing should do Gold Team