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EP050: Crafting a Business Development Strategy for RFP Success – with Lisa Rehurek


Yes, it’s a lot of work up front. But nailing down a solid business development strategy makes the RFP process MUCH easier and saves you A LOT of time bidding on contracts that aren’t a good fit. So, what are the components of a well-thought-out business development strategy? And how does it help you win more business through RFPs?

On this episode of the podcast, I’m walking you through the four elements of a quality business development strategy. I explain how to assess the need for your product or service via a market analysis and discuss how to identify your ideal clients, breaking down their related demographic and psychographic information.

I go on to share creative strategies for building relationships with those target clients BEFORE the RFP hits your desk and offer insight into creating profiles of your top two or three competitors. Listen in to understand how knowing those competitors can help you differentiate your business in a proposal and learn how a strong business development strategy translates to RFP success!

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Key Takeaways

  • How your business development strategy impacts bidding

  • The 4 components of a solid business development strategy

    1.      Market analysis

    2.      Target clients

    3.      Relationship building

    4.      Competitive assessment

  • How to develop a target client profile for each of your 3 tiers

  • How to find opportunities to build relationships with prospects

  • The top strategies for getting info about your competitors

  • How knowing your competitors helps you differentiate in RFPs

  • Why annual strategic planning makes the RFP process easier