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EP010: The Top 5 RFP Evaluator Hot Buttons – with Lisa Rehurek


The fastest way to lose a bid is to annoy the evaluators! I recently conducted an informal poll, asking several RFP buyers the following question: What is your biggest pet peeve when it comes to RFP responses?

Today, I’m sharing their answers, discussing the Top 5 RFP Evaluator Hot Buttons. I explain the danger of including more or less information than the questions require, describing the evaluator’s challenge in comparing proposals. I also address how common it is for evaluators to receive proposals that fail to follow instructions and how you can avoid this particular pitfall.

I offer advice around keeping evaluators happy by being solution-focused, simplifying your responses, and truly answering the questions posed in the RFP. Listen in for insight on writing responses with the evaluation criteria in mind and learn how to build a review period into the proposal process!



    Key Takeaways

    • The Top 5 pet peeves of RFP evaluators:

      1.      Including more/less than asked for

      2.      Not following instructions

      3.      Too YOU-focused

      4.      Making it hard to evaluate you

      5.      Answer the damn question

    • How answers get lost when you include too much information

    • Lisa’s advice around completing and signing forms in advance

    • Why evaluators prefer a solution-focused approach

    • How to demonstrate that you meet/exceed each requirement

    • The value in keeping answers simple, succinct and to-the-point

    • How to use a template to address ALL parts of a question

    • The significance of recognizing the evaluation criteria

    • How the evaluation criteria and RFP questions may not match up

    • How to write for evaluators with different levels of technical knowledge

    • The importance of building a 48-hour review into the proposal process